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Mr. Ratnesh Dayal (B.Tech IIT Delhi)

A perfectionist at hi work, R.D. Sir is probably one amongst the very few who has in-depth knowledge in both maths and chemistry.

His methodology in teaching combined with vast knowledge makes him one of the best mentors for IIT-JEE preparation.

Mr. Girish Jain (B.Tech IIT Delhi)

A pioneer of IIT-JEE preparation in Ajmer, he is a thorough professional whose impeccable class delivery clubbed with his vast experience makes him one of the best Physics Teacher.

An IITian himself, he has mentored many young minds to the path of success since his college days.

Message to Students & Parents

Dear Students & Parents,

To build skyscrapers a strong foundation is required. The same applies to academics as well. Competitive examinations like Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) for IITs and NITs, NEET for prestigious medical colleges, CPT / IPCC for Commerce etc. have become the ultimate targets for which the students aspire for. Generally, they plan to prepare for them in the most trivial way by just working for the Entrance exam in class XI and XII or sometimes even after that.

As per our observation at class XI and XII level, most students don't fare very well where they are required to implement hard-core mathematics and analytical skills. This makes the student lag behind in all aspects. Every field as we know today require strong hold on mathematical and logical reasoning.

This thing should be worked out at the root level itself. Our Foundation Course targets to enhance the basic skills, in Mathematics and Science, of the student in the junior classes itself so that they have a strong foundation prepared when they start preparing for these competitive examinations.

The mentors of the academy have a to-the-point experience of which areas of Mathematics and Science are to be strengthened in what way, in junior classes, so that the student is able to cope up with the subjects and may get an extra edge later on in class XI and XII.

The academy has an expertise in engineering and medical entrance preparations and mentors can exactly read and interpret the students' mind set and mould and shape them accordingly, so that they are prepared to stretch their analytical and logical thinking skills.

The target is to develop the basics of students in such a way that, along with developing a strong foundation, they are able to face the talent search examinations like NTSE, NSTSE, STSE, Olympiads as well the school examinations with ease.

Dear Parents, we don't believe in overburden of studies and making them slog for assignments and tests. A child at the age of 14-16 requires overall development physically as well as mentally. Our weekly schedule for classes is such designed that takes care of complete academic appetite and allows student to participate in recreational activities of his/her choice.